GHMHC Club News

Information for the May and June, 2020 shows

Non-Rated Classes (NR): These classes will allow any miniature horse to show in a class without being registered or measured but will still need to meet the health requirements of the show. The classes offered are hunter, halter obstacle, carriage driving, and halter. This is to encourage exhibitors with miniature horses that are not registered to participate in a horse show. If any member knows of anyone who has a non-registered or AMHR registered miniature horse encourage them to show in the NR classes.

The first class Saturday morning will be NR Open Costume and it must include at least one horse. There will be a $10 entry fee with a 50% payback and it will be open to any adult and/or youth. The details will be modified later. The 2019 AMHA Rulebook states the following for a rated class: Costume classes are to be judged 75 percent on originality of costume and 25 percent on presentation. To be shown at a walk both ways of the arena.

A new fund raising event will be a halter obstacle practice on Friday at the May show. The cost will be $10 for a 5-minute time slot and no awards will be given. There will be a maximum of two exhibitors per time slot, and reservations are required. Only the exhibitor can be on the practice course—the same as in a real obstacle class. An approximate time for each “go” will be given. It will not be the actual obstacle course pattern, and it is possible that not all obstacles will be in your particular pattern. The obstacles will be randomly set up and you can practice on one or all of them within the time period.

To be continued from from last year: Cupcake Smash, Raffle 50/50, Silent Auction, Chick-Fil-A on Saturday, and any donations. Chick-fil-A will need to be pre-ordered on Friday so that it can be picked up on Saturday. All proceeds will go into the general fund.

Other Club News

A tentative date of April 25, 2020 from 1:00 – 4:00 was set for a “Meet a Miniature Horse” at the Malek’s home. Different areas of the pasture would be set aside to demonstrate hunter, obstacle, grooming, and driving the miniature horse. The guests would rotate to the different stations throughout the day. This would be a free event for children and adults to learn more about miniature horses and what can be done with them. The experience would strictly be a demonstration and the spectators would not handle a horse without supervision. If a new person seems interested, that person would be given a ticket for one free class at the GHMHC show in May of the current year.